Ronnie Weiss Training Director
Ronnie Weiss Training Director

Our Training Director

  Ronnie has over 25 years of advanced dog training experience.  Most recently, putting on a stellar performance at the Mid Central Regional Champtionship with Radic z Gemera - earning him 3rd place overall (94-94-90). Previously, Ronnie and Norris (deceased) put in a solid performance at the 2013 Working Dog Championships, going 92-93-99 for a total score of 284, putting them in the top five of a highly competitive national tournament.

Ronnie has been involved with several great Schutzhund clubs. He is currently the training director for both Great Lakes Working Dogs Association in Elkhart, Indiana, as well as Turner Junction Working Dog Club in West Chicago, Illinois. Ronnie is a founding member of both clubs, and trains actively throughout the week in both Indiana and Illinois.

Ronnie has also made significant contributions to many other Schutzhund clubs over the years. He has been part of the Northern Indiana Working Dog club as well as Michiana Working Dogs. For many years he also trained at O.G. Landseite Schutzhund Club with the talented trainer and perennial world team competitor Randy Rhodes. In addition, Ronnie has also worked with several police departments to help them build and improve their patrol K9′s. He has also helped several search and rescue people with situation problems.

Ronnie has trained and competed with multiple breeds. His top dogs have been German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. He has developed superb bitework with Rottweilers, Dobermans, Cane Corsos, Giant Schnauzers, APBT’s, and various other terriers. He has a background in animal training, having worked with both horses and big cats.

Internationally, Ronnie has competed multiple times as a world qualifier, and has previously competed on the AWMA world team in Hungary. Ronnie has also taken multiple trips to places such as the Bahamas to train estate security dogs.

Katie Schwartz
Katie Schwartz

Katie started training dogs when she was 9 years old. Her first dog was a Miniature Poodle which Katie trained in 4-H for 9 years. Katie also shows dogs in UKC trials. She started showing dogs for UKC when she was 13 years old. Katie is currently training and showing her second Poodle in agility, obedience, and conformation. Katie also started in IPO as a 14 year old youth handler, owner, trainer with her German Shepherd Maiya. She has titled Maiya to an AD and IPO 2.

Maugh Vail Treasurer
Maugh Vail Treasurer


    Maugh has been involved with working Airedales for many years. She titled two dogs to SchH3, obtained a state of Ohio Bloodhound certification on another, trained two to master level in upland hunting and hunting retrievers. Her current dog York has a BH and FH1. She is working toward an FH2 and his IGP titles.
Tim Schwartz 
Tim Schwartz President
Amber Weiss Sergeant at Arms
Amber Weiss Sergeant at Arms
Amber has been training dogs since (2010).  She started IPO with her dog Lincoln and achieved her BH.   Amber is also a K9 Security/Police dog trainer for a gated community in the Bahamas.  She trains elite dogs  for man trailing, search work,  obedience , agility and protection.  Some of the K9’s Amber has trained are: K9 Norro, K9 Conan, K9 Akim and K9 Czar.  All are currently in active duty.  Amber has a new puppy Epic von der Alte Baum that she is training for IPO.
Karmen Byrd  Vice President
Karmen Byrd Vice President

Karmen started into the sport when it was called Schutzhund back in 1991. She has almost 30 years of experience as a professional dog trainer. She also started her breeding program in 1997 with the original Vogel Haus German Shepherds. She was also a vet assistant for 8 years and went to Purdue University which helped her skills in canine behavior with all breeds and cats. She has also worked with horses.

Karmen started with her first dog, Abraxas von der Traumenheim. Braxie as she was called was titled to SchH I before retired due to hip infirmaries. Karmen and Abraxas achievements are

  • 1994 Mid-Eastern Regionals Champ
  • High Tracking, - 99
  • High Obedience, - 96
  • High SchH I, High in Trial
  • High HOT

Karmen next titled a dog out of her own breeding. Andante von der Vogel Haus, SchH III, IPO III, FH. “Dante” was BHOT and a National competitor. Karmen and Dante’s achievements were

  • 2000 Mid-Eastern Regional SchH I Champion
  • June 2, 2001 winner of Western Indiana trial with a 93, 96, 100 to V with a 289. High in trial, obedience and protection
  • October 13, 2001 winner of O.G. Landseite trial with a 96, 88, 96 to win with a 280.He took high in trial, high SchH III and protection
  • 2001 Nationals participant with a 90 P in protection
  • 2002 GSD Nationals participant with a 91, 90 and 90 P in protection
  • 2002 Nationals participant 80, 84,83 P
  • 2003 Mid-Eastern Regional Champion with 99, 95, 92=286 V. Dante received HIT, High SchH III, High HOT, High Tracking, and High Obedience. He beat 22 other Schutzhund teams to take this honor
  • 2003 North American participant
  • May 10, 2003 Dante earned his IPO III under Mike Hamilton
  • Winner of protection tournament at Great Lakes Working Dog Association
  • FH with a 92.
  • 2004 North American participant
  • 2nd OB III at the 2004 HOT Championship and 8th SchH III
  • 2004 Mid Eastern Regionals
  • 2004 USA Germand Shepherd Dog Nationals

Karmen trained her BHOT dog Bodrix von der Vogel Haus, SchH III, BHOT , PPD alongside Dante.

  • Bodie received his SchH I October 25, 2003 with a 94,93,90 P

  • Bodie received his SchH II just three short weeks after accomplishing his SchH I. He was pronounced in his bitework.

  • Bodie received his SchH III May 1, 2004.


Her third BHOT was Capone von der Vogel Haus, SchH III.

  • Capone take high SchH I and ties for high protecion at O.G. Landseite's annual fall trial.  Scores are 95, 88, 96 P
  • Capone achieves his SchH II at O.G. Landseite's spring trial. 87,84,86 P
  • Capone achieves his SchH III at O.G. Lansdeite's Fall trial 94, 87, 90 P

She also put BH’s on

  • Faeghan von der Traumenheim BH
  • Stretch vom Leerburg BH

Karmen also trains elite Police and K9 Security Dogs for gated communities in the Bahamas. She started this in 2005. Some of the dogs she trained and delivered are

  • K9 Ex
  • K9 Vito
  • K9 Dago
  • K9 Disco
  • K9 Max
  • K9 Duncan
  • K9 Hank
  • K9 Pyke

Her new and upcoming star is Innsaei vom Quellwasser. He will be trialing next year. Saei has a promising future ahead of him.






Jody Drozdzik
Jody Drozdzik
Jacqueline Majewski
Jacqueline Majewski
Leslie Larsen


Leslie has owned shepherds for many years.  Most of her dogs are trained for AKC titles achieving CD,CDX, CGC, and tracking titles.  Leslie has placed 1st in several trials and earned high in trial several times.  Her dog Nina also has an IPO 1.