Spring trial with Deb Krsnich

                            IGP 1

Teddi Ocweija with Root   78-DQ dog left field

John Bonfiglio with Anuk  82-70-85  237

Tim Schwartz with Eisha  96-92-93  281

Maugh Vail with York  78-91-85  254

                        IGP 2

Rob Vinezeano with Creede  70-71-93  234

Courtney Peplin with Kora  82-80-81  243

                        IGP 3

Katie Schwartz with Maiya  Term-80-90  178


Karmen Byrd with Si   Pass

Nichole Monet with Brutus   Pass

Leslie Larsen with Auggie   Pass

Jolene Flanery with Oko   Pass

Tim Pasarelli with Jada    Pass

Beth Clark with Caramella   Pass

Jacqueline majewski with Noctis  Pass

Francessca Miller with Vitani   Pass