Schutzhund Camp 2019 is set for June 28-29-30. Bring your friends and dogs for a weekend of fun and training. There is a small tracking seminar by Ronnie Weiss on Saturday morning to the first 6 people to register. This will be held at 6:30 AM so don't register if you cant be there at that time. We will have three helpers for protection or you can bring your own. Ronnie is always willing to give tips and advice to helpers if they want it. We will have spotters on the field if you need them and a few people with excellent ob coaching skills if you have a problem area you want specific help with. This a great opportunity to get your dog on a different field and meet new people. This is a free event, but $10 a day/per dog donation would be appreciated. We will probably order pizza for lunch on Saturday and split the cost (usually about $5 a person) or you can bring your own lunch. There are also many restaurants within 5 miles.  There will be a bonfire on Saturday night after training for anyone wanting to hang  around, weather permitting. Registration is required, please fill out the form and mail or email it. You can also bring it day of event but please let me know you are considering coming so we can have a general idea on numbers. We are also having some fun competitions on Saturday. There will be a fastest long bite, fastest recall, and hardest hitting long bite. Speed will judged with a stop watch, hardest hitting by the helper.

2019 Schutzhund Camp Registration Form (5)